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Welcome to EBS Advisors, and thank you for visiting our website.

EBS is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has been serving local businesses as well as national multi-site corporations since 1998.

What makes EBS different is that we have created and implemented a unique and innovative approach to benefits management that sets us apart from any other insurance broker or benefits consultant in the industry. We are a privately-owned firm that fosters a workplace environment that emphasizes creativity, agility, and flexibility when meeting each client’s specific needs and requirements. This approach is quite unique when compared to the one size fits all industry standard.

We encourage you to review our “Benefits Management” section which describe The EBS 4-Cornerstone Philosophy. Our hope is that you are able to gain a better of understanding of what you should expect in the way of services from the insurance brokerage industry. We will clearly lay out what role we will play in not only managing your plan costs for your health plan and other employee benefits but also specifically outline our results and performance oriented strategy to manage your ERISA compliance obligations as well as provide effective benefits communications.

Relax…. EBS Delivers.

Maureen Pentland, CEBS, GBA, RPA


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